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Rabbit Greeting Cards & Rabbit Note Cards
plus Rabbit T-shirts & other Rabbit Art gifts!

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Dutch Bunny Rabbit Family, a pet portrait by artist Evonne Vey, available as rabbit gifts, dutch rabbit note cards, dutch rabbit Greeting cards Seven bunnies out for a picnic, eating potted flowers and grass. Rabbit art gifts, Rabbit greeting cards Black rabbit in fall leaves. Great Autumn gift for rabbit lovers. Thanksgiving gift for your host! Rabbit portrait art greeting cards and Autumn rabbit art gifts. Thank you, or blank inside, or Happy Thanksgiving rabbit greeting cards Rabbit art mug, rabbit art shirt, rabbit art infant creeper, rabbit sweatshirt, rabbit magnet, rabbit art greeting cards, rabbit art note cards  White rabbit greeting cards, white rabbit post cards, white rabbit art, purple flowers and white rabbit, rabbit button, rabbit mousepad, rabbit magnet, rabbit ornament and more rabbit gifts. Bunny magic, rabbit art, rabbits with top hat, rabbit art note cards, rabbit art birthday cards, rabbit art sympathy cards, magic hat rabbit note cards, magic top hat rabbit calendar print and rabbit art gifts. Rabbit portrait art, rabbits mischievous in flower pots, black rabbit art, rabbits with flowers greeting cards, rabbits with flowers long sleeve shirt, rabbit art tee shirts, rabbit art gifts. Rabbit with spring flower pots, rabbit art, rabbit thinking of you note cards, rabbit shirts, rabbit mousepads, rabbit lovers gifts! Little black rabbit portrait art, black rabbit in roses,  black rabbit greeting cards blank inside, rabbit ornament, rabbit mug , rabbit art tote bag, black rabbit mousepad, black rabbit tile coaster, rabbit lovers gifts. Holland Lop rabbit portrait on note cards, bumper stickers, rabbit buttons, rabbit shirts, I love Holland Lop note cards, I love holland lop button, I heart holland lop magnet, Holland Lop rabibit portrait art by Evonne Vey. Rabbit and roses portrait art on shirts, rabbit buttons, rabbit hat, rabbit magnet, rabbit lovers gifts. Greeting cards with black and white rabbit and roses soon to come. Lop rabbit thank you note cards, lop rabbit dark shirts, lop rabbit  raglan shirt, lop rabbit baseball jersey, lop rabbit t-shirt, lop rabbit womens t shirt, lop rabbit sweat shirt and more rabbit lovers gifts Jordan the black rabbit portrait art in front of lily pond, black rabbit shirts, black rabbit calendar print, black rabbit post cards, black rabbit blank journal, black rabbit art gifts. Don't miss Jordan the black rabbit soon to come on note cards. Valentine rabbit, valentine rabbit gifts, rabbits in heart portrait by Evonne Vey, soon to come on greeting cards, now available with happy Valentine day greetings on gift items for rabbit lovers. White rabbit note cards, White rabbit thank you cards, White rabbit thinking of you note cards, white rabbit portrait art on many gifts for rabbit lovers. Black rabbit portrait art by Evonne Vey. Black rabbit tile coaster, black rabbit art pillow, black rabbit art postcards, black rabbit art greeting cards, black rabbit art mug and more rabbit lovers gift ideas for all occasions. Cottontail rabbits in the cabbage patch art by Evonne Vey. Adorable rabbits eating cabbage on mug, stein, framed print, ornament, magnet, mousepad and more rabbit lover gift ideas.   White rabbit portrait art in lilacs by Evonne Vey. Rabbit in lilacs art mug, rabbit in lilacs art shirt, rabbit in lilacs art button and more rabbit art gifts for rabbit lovers, all occasions. More rabbit in lilacs note cards soon to come. Rabbits and guinea pigs social, a portrait art by Evonne Vey. Available as rabbit and guinea pigs social greeting cards, rabbit social mouse pad, many rabbit and guinea pig art gift items. Don't miss three entire sections with products featuring this portrait art! Rabbit in sunshine portrait art by Evonne Vey. Rabbit in sunshine portrait art mug, rabbit in sunshine mousepad, rabbit in sunshine post cards and more rabbit gifts for all occasions. Rabbit in sunshine note cards, soon to come. Holland lop full art portrait as greeting cards blank inside, or, I love holland lops note cards, I love holland lops note cards, more holland lop rabbit gift products for all occasions. Rabbit Holland lop shirts, bumper stick and more. White rabbits with grey ears and nose, I love Californian bunnies on rabbit greeting cards, rectangle magnets, t-shirts and more Californian Rabbit lovers gift items for all occasions. Note cards with Californian bunnies soon to come. King Murray the rabbit in a bed of pansies, rabbit portrait art on t-shirts, rabbit post cards, rabbit long sleeve shirts, rabbit art note cards soon to come. Joe Schmoe for Pwesident humorous rabbit art on greeting cards, buttons, stickers, mugs and more rabbit for president gift items for rabbit lovers. French Lops rabbit portrait on sympathy note cards, also available as I love French Lops note cards and greeting cards, buttons and magnets, shirts and more Lop rabbit lovers gifts for all occasions. The sweetest way to say happy spring, Happy Easter, with two bunnies sharing a bowl of fresh greens and flowers in the background. Coming soon as Happy Easter rabbit note cards. Available as rabbit greeting cards blank inside, Happy Easter rabbit magnet, rabbit button, rabbit shirt and more. 
Sympathy Card, Sonata Sympathy, Painting by Evonne Vey, available as Sympathy Greeting Cards and rabbit sympathy gifts White rabbit with grey ears nose and paws a portrait art on postcards, rabbit mousepad, rabbit mug, rabbit shirts and more rabbit lovers gift items for all occasions. Coming soon as rabbit art note cards. Brown rabbit art greeting cards and note cards coming soon, Thanksgiving rabbit greeting cards, brown bunny art. Rabbit journal, rabbit mousepad, rabbit postcards, brown rabbit shirt, brown rabbit art pillow for a country home, Great rabbit art gift idea for all occasions. Rabbit in flowers shirt, rabbit in flowers sweatshirt, rabbit in flowers button, rabbit portrait art tile coaster,rabbit in flowers magnet, rabbit in flowers portrait art greeting cards and note cards coming soon, rabbit lovers gifts for all occasions. Moon bunnies, two white rabbits gazing at the moon through arched window, rabbit portrait art white rabbits on round ornament, postcards, tote bag, rabbit mug and coming soon as rabbit art note cards. Available on many gifts for all occasions. Susie the English Lop rabbit on rabbit tile coaster, English lop rabbit  mug, English lop rabbit mousepad, coming soon as English Lop rabbit greeting cards and note cards, available on many gift items for rabbit lovers, all occasions.

Cats, Dogs, Pigs, Fairy, Hummingbird and much more of Evonne's Art portraits
on Greeting cards, Note cards and gifts

Black Labrador retriever puppies art portrait, coming soon as black lab puppies note cards. Available now as black lab puppies art on  pillow, black lab puppies coffee mug, black lab puppies mousepad and more dog lovers gift items for all occasions. Golden Retriever dog thinking of you note cards in ten and twenty packs, Golden retriever art on greeting cards, shirts and more gift items for all occasions.  Black and white cat in purple clematis flowers, cat portrait art on greeting cards, cat shirt, black and white cat portrait art on  mug, cat calendar print, cat lovers gifts for all occasions. Puma cats calendar print, Puma cats portrait art greeting cards ten pack blank inside, Puma cats journal, Puma cats tee shirt, Puma cats on gifts for all occasions. Not yet available Chocolate Lab puppies in basket, portrait art by Evonne Vey. I love Shih Tzus, Shih Tzu portrait art on note cards as birthday, Shih Tzu Thank you cards, Shih Tzu sympathy cards, Shih Tzu gift items for dog lovers, all occasions. Portrait art black and white long fur cat on greeting cards ten pack blank inside, black and white cat portrait art by Evonne Vey on mousepad, cat journal, cat magnet, cat t-shirts and more cat lovers gifts for all occasions. Maine Coon cat portrait art on Birthday cards Thank You cards Thinking of you note cards, Maine Coon coffee mug, Maine Coon art on  pillow as I heart Maine Coons, more Maine Coon Lovers gift items for all occasions! Baby bib and toddler tees with I heart Maine Coons.  

More to come - check back very soon for new additions!





Golden Retriever Dog art on coffee mug
Shih Tzu portrait art on t-shirts, cards
Maine Coon Cat Thank You Note Cards
Skunk Belated Birthday Cards
Fairy Note Cards
Cedar Point Lighthouse Southern MD

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Note Cards
Hoppy Thanksgiving Rabbit NoteCards
Hoppy Thanksgiving Rabbit in Fall Leaves Note Cards

A wide variety of gifts are available with matching artwork to greeting cards shown here!

Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mousepads, Mugs, Magnets, Pillows, Buttons, Tile Coasters, Tote Bags, and more, all with your favorite portrait art by Evonne Vey.

Use a button, magnet or tree ornament as a gift decoration hanging from the bow on your package!

Rabbit Christmas tree ornament with art by Evonne Vey. Great holiday gift for rabbit lovers!
Rabbit Christmas Ornament
comes with ribbon to hang

Holland Lop Rabbit Christmas cards
Lop Rabbit Christmas cards
Dutch rabbit Christmas cards
Rabbit Holiday greeting cards
White Rabbit Christmas Cards
Black Rabbit Christmas Cards
Rabbit portrait art Christmas cards
Santa Rabbit Christmas cards
Rabbit in snow Holiday Cards

Maine Coon Cat Christmas cards
Golden Retriever dog Christmas cards

Fill a rabbit art mug with cookies or candy, wrap with celophane and tie a matching rabbit art tree ornament to the ribbon!

Labrador Puppy dogs Christmas mug great Christmas gift for dog lovers! Art by Evonne Vey.
Chocolate Lab puppy dog Christmas Mug
Great gift for dog lovers!



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Do you have a special occasion coming up? Are your friends or family members well-intentioned but "shopping challenged"? For a gift you will always treasure, contact Evonne about commissioning a portrait of a treasured pet in the medium of your choice. Evonne will work with you or the gift giver to choose a medium that fits your taste and budget. Then you send pictures of your beloved pet along with information about his life with you, your (or your pet's) color preferences, and any other special requests. The gift-giver can send payment and have your gift sent directly to them. When your special day arrives, your gift will be a surprise that you know you will always treasure. ~ Kathy Smith

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