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Welcome to Evonne's Art Gallery of Framed Art, page 4! Here you'll view photographs of some of Evonne's beautifully completed paintings, set in a variety of mat shapes and frames.

Notice on some of the paintings there are miniature portraits or decorative flowers painted on the mat! On some of these gallery paintings, we've included zoomed views of the mat paintings, placed to either side of the entire framed view. Additionally please take note of the many available shapes the mat can be cut to further enhance the painting of a pet portrait whether it is for yourself or a gift.

Many of these paintings are available for purchase as laser or giclee prints, and greeting cards, some available as shown here with frame and mat! Some paintings shown may be the original painting, also available. If you're interested in purchasing any items as shown here, please contact Evonne.

To view more samples of Evonne's vibrant and masterful artwork on a variety of objects such as jewelry, fabrics, lamps and furniture, please see list of pages on Galleries Page.

To view Evonne's artwork available for purchase as prints and greeting cards, not shown with mats or frames, please visit: Available Artwork.

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Holiday Rabbits portrait by Evonne Vey
King Murray's Holiday shown with zoomed views of corner mat paintings
Rabbit Portrait by Evonne Vey
Bunibun painting shown with zoom views of corner mat paintings

Bunnibun gets a brand new frame ~ photo submitted by owner
Dog Portraiture by Evonne Vey
Cat Portrait by Evonne Vey
Rabbit portraiture by Evonne Vey
Flemmish Rabbit Portrait by Artist Evonne Vey
Lop Rabbit Portrait by Evonne Vey

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