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Artwork is commissioned for personal use only and may not be used for financial gain. I retain full reproduction copyright on all my work.
Click Here to Read extended copyright information below.

Commissioned Pet Portraits - Acrylic or Pastel*
The following price list serves as a general example for unframed, no mat paintings
Rabbits, Cats, Dogs and Pigs, no background:

11 x 14 Head only ....... -   $95.00
12 x 16 One animal only – $150.00
14 x 18 One animal only - $220.00
16 x 20 One animal only – $375.00

Horses, no background:

11 x 14 Head only ………………$150.00
12 x 16 One horse only……….$300.00
14 x 18 One Horse only……….$375.00
16 x 20 One Horse Only……….$500.00

Extra Animals head & shoulder: 50% extra
Background, depending on complexity: 50-100% extra
Prices are negotiable, especially when people are included in the portrait.
*I do not ship pastel paintings because I choose not to spray my work. I have found that spraying a pastel will dull the color.


Please email me orders@EvonnesArtCreations.com for pricing on Mats.
I can also paint your pet on the mat. This is an extra special touch to show off the painting (close up samples of paintings on mat: Willy, Taddy & Calvin; see more small samples throughout the Gallery images).
Pricing for images painted on the mat:
Painting of single pet on mat $26
Painting of a human on mat $30
Human holding a Pet (single image) painted on mat $44
Two separate pet paintings on bottom corners of mat $50
Two separate paintings, one pet and one human, on bottom corners of mat $54
*Please contact me for prices on other mat sizes, pricing, and also framing information.

Highest Quality, Giclee Prints

Giclee Prints Now Available

8 x 10 = $10
11 x 14 = $20
12 x 16 = $30

Not Matted

Pet Portraits on Porcelain
Your Pet on a Porcelain Plate: $125
Paintings on Porcelain Jewelry
Earrings : $100
Pendant : $120
Set of matching earrings and pendant : $180
Tie Tacs : $45
See Earring and Pendant samples

Your Pet's Portrait on Clothing and Purses

$75 for a painting of one pet on clothing article or a purse, which you provide. I paint on Leather, Canvas and Vinyl purses. Extra pet pictures, flowers, and other decorations are extra charge. Click here to see samples in Gallery II. Prices are negotiable depending on sizes and requests.

Your Pet Photography

Deposits & Payments on Commissioned Artwork

I work from photographs of your pet. It is necessary to get down to your pet’s level or use a chair or table to raise your pet to camera level. Do not photograph your pet from above; such pictures are always disappointing. Remember, the better the photographs provided, the better the painting.


I require a 50% non-refundable deposit when I accept your commission and before starting the painting.
I usually allow 8 – 10 week time frame to complete the painting – depending how backlogged I am. I will send you a digital photo of the painting via email for your approval. Upon acceptance I will require the balance due (plus postage) after which I will send the painting to you. Artwork is commissioned for personal use only and may not be reproduced or used for financial gain. I retain full reproduction copyright on all my work.
Payments can be made by Paypal Bank transfers, Credit card payments via Paypal, Check or Money Orders. Check and Money orders mailed to me must clear the bank prior to start of commissioned Artwork, and prior to shipping any orders.
Contact Evonne at: orderinfo@evonnesartcreations.com,
Telephone: 410-326-2561

Isn't it time you had your pet's portrait painted?


Extended Copyright Information

Thank you for ordering an original painting from Evonne’s Art Creations, Inc. It will be my pleasure to create a special piece of art for you.
Even though you will be the new owner of this original work of art, please remember that I retain Full Copyright for any paintings that I create. What this means for you, is that you must not copy, photograph, or otherwise recreate or reproduce said work of art in any way, shape, or form, without first receiving my written and signed permission. To reproduce my work in any way would infringe upon my copyrights for the piece of art work and make you subject to legal action.
I will retain an electronic copy of any paintings I create, which I may use on my web sites as well as reproduce to sell prints, cards, or other merchandise, unless we have a prior written agreement in hard copy stating otherwise.
I place the utmost importance on the quality of my paintings and give special care and attention to each and every piece of work I create. I am certain you’ll receive many years of enjoyment from your new piece of art work. Again, thank you for you order!
Warmest Regards,
Evonne Vey

** Prices on products, services and shipping may change prior to web site updates displaying correct pricing. Should you place an order prior to the web posting, you will be notified of additional need for funds before products are shipped or services met, or you may request to cancel the order and refund your money. Feel free to email Evonne for a price quote on any products and services.

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