Shark Shell art by artist Evonne VeyA Shark Story - Photo to the right, click for larger view.

Back in the 1970’s my older sister lived in Maryland. She bought pieces of art for my younger sister and me from Evonne Vey. At that time, Mrs. Vey owned a shell business. The picture I received is a rendering of a shark swimming under water, created with shark’s teeth and other oceanic life (coral flowers, seashells, etc.)  I have admired it for all these years.My husband was in the Air Force, so the artwork was moved from Michigan to Louisiana, North Dakota, Ohio and eventually to California.  Not surprisingly, it sustained minor damage and was in need of repair and cleaning. In January of 2013, I contacted Mrs. Vey through her website and asked if she would be willing to restore the picture for me. Her enthusiastic response was, “How nice to hear from you!  It was a strange coincidence. I was only just telling a friend how I used to have a shell business years ago and did the underwater scenes. I'm so glad my picture has given you pleasure all these years –I cannot guarantee that I'll be successful in restoring the picture—but if you would care to send it to me, I'll do the very best I can!  I always enjoy challenges!”

That exchange started Evonne Vey and me on path that ended with a revitalized picture and a new friendship.

I received an e-mail when she opened the box I had shipped. She said that she and her husband were amazed at the good condition of the picture, after all these years. It is true that I took good care of it, and it was generally packed well during the many moves, but the condition of the picture speaks more to the excellent workmanship and construction of the picture by Mrs. Vey. Every detail was carefully thought out and executed with quality products and skill.

I shipped the picture to her in early February, and received it back less than six weeks later. All the while, she kept me informed of her progress. She cleaned the off-white velvet background and added additional shells and elements to the design to brighten it up. (There is now a tiny seahorse hanging out among the coral!). She called me the day that she shipped it to me, and we talked like we had known each other for years. She is a delightful, talented woman, and the customer care I received was beyond my hopes and expectations. I am honored to own a piece of her art and to display it in my home. It has received many compliments over the years, and I expect it to receive many more. Thank you for everything, Evonne Vey.

–Peggy Barnes, Riverside, California

Evonne Vey was born with a talent; a talent that leaves one taken back. A talent that leaves one with the urge to stand back in awe when the final product is revealed. She was born with the ability to look into an individual and see their heart and soul. She then takes out her canvas and paints what she sees. This is a magnificent gift that she has and she uses it to paint not just humans, but our beloved pets who have passed on. What goes on that canvas comes from her heart. With so much turmoil in this world, it is such a sweet blessing to be able to look at one of her paintings and see a story that is narrated by the stroke of her brush. Evonne's talent doesn't just stop at her artwork, it spills out into her ability to touch the heart of others who come in contact with her. She is truly a precious soul and I'm so honored to be her friend. Thank you Evonne, not just for your wonderful artwork, but for your kindness and caring heart. There are so many people who love you and I am proud to say that I'm one of them.
Linda Lou [Joe Schmoe's Mom]
Dear Evonne,
I just received my "Cottontails in the Cabbage" painting and I love it - as usual! It's the 5th painting you've done for me, and they all are just beautiful. Everyone that sees them comments on them!
As the saying goes: "If I were rich...." I'd have you do portraits of every bunny that comes through my rescue!
Somehow you seem to catch the personality of who you're painting, and create the perfect setting for each portrait - seemingly matching the bunny to the setting. It's just wonderful!
Thanks again,
Jody Caizza
Kind Heart Rescue
Cream Ridge, NJ
[Links to Porcelain Jewelry mentioned in this testimonial: King Murray and Myrrh]

Evonne Vey is a gifted artist who brings animals to life in her Pet Portraits. In addition to exquisitely capturing physical details, Evonne clearly makes a spiritual connection with the animals she paints, allowing her to magically portray the soul as well as the body! For those with limited wall space, Evonne offers her art in a variety of mediums -- clothing, handbags, furniture, and my personal favorite -- porcelain jewelry! ...... My jewelry portraits of King Murray and Angel Myrrh are more precious than diamonds .. and much easier on the budget !
Kathy Smith
[Thank You letter to person who commissioned the portrait of Willy to give as a gift]

Words can never express the deep gratitude that is spilling all around me right now. I can't believe you did this for us...(Willy and I) Your generosity astounds me to no end..this is HUGE of you. and I can never thank you enough. !! It truly is incredible isn't it!! It looks just like him , right down to the smaller pictures of him on the mat. His body language and facial expressions are Willy as I know him. .... The sentiment and thoughtfulness that you put into this glorious gift leaves me over whelmed with emotion. And it is Willy!!!!!!!!!! It is him!!!!!!! I miss him so much and I bet he is wagging his tail big time right now!! ... Oh what a glorious day it is.. just an awesome day!!!!! Thank you so VERY VERY much!!
Janice Gillett - Hearts On Noses - A Mini Pig Sanctuary in Maple Ridge - British Columbia, Canada
[Testimonial to Evonne regarding portrait of Willy]

You're good, very very good. And I am very critical of artists and how they paint these kindred spirits. In fact so much I feared to having a portrait of Willy on my wall that made me shake my head. lol. I have to believe that Willy was with you and guided the tip of your brush as clearly you have captured his very spirit then and now. I have this incredible urge to carry him around with me ..from room to room and surely will give myself whiplash turning to look at him every other second. lol Thank you for the incredible work you do and for "feeling " Willy. Janice Gillett
Dearest Evonne, I hardly am able to write this because I cannot see through my tears. I knew the painting would be spectacular, but it is so far beyond my expectation. It's my baby Bunnibun. It is so beautiful. Oh, Evonne, how can I ever thank you. You have captured him so perfectly. This was sooo worth waiting for. You have been blessed with such a marvelous God-given talent, and now you have shared a bit of it with me. You are so special, and I love you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait for David to see it.
Lots of love-
Hi, Evonne! How do I even begin to thank you for the beautiful portrait of my bunnies? I must confess, it made me cry! Your work is exquisite! I can't stop looking at it! Scott truly surprised me this year. I was particularly perplexed at his two hour trek to Maryland last Sunday--he would only say it was related to a Christmas gift, but I had no idea just how special this gift would prove to be! I hope this Christmas you experience the same joy I felt at receiving your wonderful work. Thanks again for making my Christmas extra special this year. Seasons greetings as well from my bunnies to yours. Hoppy Holidays!
Paulette Baker
My Dear Evonne,
I'm in tears. She is so exquisite and the rest of the painting ... is INCREDIBLE. You painted my beautiful angel exactly like her picture. Fabulous. I absolutely love the ivy and I can see my Sambo's bum, hehe. It took my breath completely away. You are absolutely AMAZING. ... I am going to stare at it all day and not get any work done LOL. Can't wait to have note cards and placemats made up. This painting is going to be priceless to me. VanGough, Monet, Renior, they have nothing over you my dear beautiful friend.
Much love and hugs,
Jenna [Lucky & Friends Portrait]
I've just seen Holly's painting and just don't have the words to tell you how much it means to me. It is perfect, absolutely perfect. I can never thank you enough. It's nearly 12 months since she went and I still miss her. I have photos galour but your portrait is so special I feel it has captured her.
Thank you so very much. I will treasure it.
love and hugs,
I met Evonne via email while going through The Bunny Bunch internet site. I saw a painting of her bunny Melody on their site. It was spectacular! I knew in an instant that I had to have one of these paintings of my bunnies done. This was before the holidays and through a course of time & events by April, my boys, Chewie & Tinker were painted. The emotions that are brought to mind, even as I write this are very overwhelming. When I first saw the portrait of my 'boys' I just sat at the computer and cried and cried. I couldn't stop staring at it. Although my first view of it was on the computer, even then, it was sooo very detailed. Every strand of hair was there, I could see their little 'beings' in their eyes, and this was a portrait! Words couldn't adequately express how happy this painting made me feel. Each and every portrait be it bunny, pig or whatever, is a painting with love and regard for the owner. Evonne is so talented she can capture the 'feeling' of an animal w/out ever meeting an owner. The best word I can describe any and all of Evonne's portraits is "HAPPY". To look at them, I get happy. I now have my original portrait, a print of the same, one glicee print of another with three glossy prints of others. I now have a third bunny and hope to someday get another portrait of her and her new husbun Tinker painted again. ;-) I hope to have a print or portrait of her paintings in each room of my house. You just fall in love with her work and the love affair never ends. If you want to feel happy, have a few of her prints of painting hanging in your house! Its guaranteed happiness. I thank you Evonne for being the special person you are. For the love you show, not only as a person, but as one of the most talented artist I've ever known. I thank God our paths crossed and I'm proud to call you my friend. Love, naomi



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